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Medical Office Assistant - Vancouver Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Canadian Medical Office Associates Vancouver, BC, British Columbia, Canada
< 1 year
C$ 22
Wed May 31, 2023
Tue Mar 01, 2022
Job Summary
Medical Office Assistant for a Vancouver based Telehealth Clinic
Job Description
Reviews phone messages and emails
Communicates with patients, physicians, and other necessary parties via phone calls, electronic faxes, etc.
Triages communication to the physician when needed
Reviews and validates health care cards
Verifies and updates patient information, including primary and secondary phone numbers
Confirm medical appointments with patients
Addresses any patient inquiries
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)/Filing (Plexia)
Files all daily lab, imaging reports, investigations, electronic faxes, incoming transcribed letters, etc., and
then flags the documents for a physician to review
Files all new referrals into the EMR waitlist, to be triaged by the physician
Create new patient profiles with all demographics, referring/family physicians, etc.
Keeps patient records current
Coordinates consultations, lab tests, diagnostic tests, etc., as required
Prepares requested copies of medical reports


Schedules new medical appointments after referrals are triaged by the physician
Schedules follow-up appointments
Prepares and faxes day sheets to the appropriate hospital clinic

Information Technology (IT) and communication systems

Troubleshoots any problems with the computer system and phone/fax lines
Communicates with any IT and phone support resources